Our planet, and with it, all living species, are in real danger. The latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) sounds the alarm: the warming of temperatures above 1.5°C will have very serious consequences on the climate, on species... The evidence is in front of us, very palpable, and the situation is serious: unprecedented heat waves, deadly droughts, melting glaciers, rising water levels, an increase in natural disasters... The health crisis we are experiencing is an ordeal for the entire world. But global warming is the major challenge of our time, to which we must add all the problems related to pollution, water scarcity, the threat to biodiversity, etc.


So what can democracy do to save the planet? It can do everything! It can demand that decision-makers at the global, national and local levels take action to preserve the environment and thus give full meaning to multilateralism. It can get the energy transition of industrial and economic sectors moving. It can change citizens’ behaviors. The youth from all around the world who are mobilizing for the planet have understood this and, although the times are serious, we can still hope for a better future.


Cartooning for Peace is pleased to illustrate all these crucial issues through the talent and humor of its cartoonists from around the world. A virtual and immersive exhibition, displayed as part of the World Forum for Democracy, to make us reflect, often smile, but above all, act!




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ADENE (France)

Adene, whose real name is Anne Derenne, is a French illustrator currently living in Spain since 2009. She has a degree in international economy and has been working as a cartoonist for many years. She publishes regularly in various French magazines and collaborates with the website Cartoon Movement. Award winner of many international prices, she also draws for some NGO, associations and foundations as Adessium or Cordaid.

AUTO_02_ARES copie.png

ARES (Cuba)

Ares was born in Havana, Cuba on September 2, 1963. He studied medecine and psychiatry. His first cartoon was published in 1984. Ares currently works in Havana as a freelance artist and illustrator (mainly children’s books). He has published sixteen books around the world, has illustrated more than sixty books and has worked in TV and film with some of his works being used to make short animated films.

Ares has won more than 100 international awards, he is included in the survey of the Twenty Most Outstanding Cuban Cartoonists of the 20th Century and received the National Culture Medal from the Cuban Cultural Minister.


BÉNÉDICTE (Switzerland)

Bénédicte began in humorous cartooning at the age of 14 by illustrating lectures on adolescence. She is a press cartoonist since 2010 and she collaborates with several Western Switzerland newspapers like the magazine L’Hebdo and the satirical weekly Vigousse. She also draws for the independent daily Le Courrier which published her first cartoon book : 101 dessins de presse de Bénédicte. Since September 2014, she works for the Swiss Daily 24 Heures.

AUTO_04_BOLIGAN copie.png


Originally from Cuba, Angel Boligán Corbo is graduates in Fine Arts in Havana in 1987. He has lived in Mexico since 1992, where he works as a cartoonist for the newspaper El Universal, the magazine Conozca Más and the political magazine El Chamuco. He is also  CartonClub agency foundator (latin caricature club).


BONIL (Ecuador)

Xavier Bonilla, known as Bonil, is an Ecuadorian press cartoonist who was born in 1964. He studied sociology before dedicating himself to editorial humoristic cartooning.

Since 1985, he has drawn in numerous national newspapers. He currently works for the main Ecuadorian newspaper (El Universo) and several magazines (Nuestro Mundo, Rocinante, Gestion).

He was awarded many prizes and he exhibited all over the world but his caricatures, which denounce the corruption and incompetence of the Ecuadorian government, aroused President of Ecuador Rafael Correa’s wrath and led him to face several trials.

In February 2015, as he was going out of court at the end of another trial, admirers and activists for freedom of speech welcome him with “Yo soy Bonil” (“I am Bonil”) placards.


CHAPPATTE (Switzerland)

Patrick Chappatte, son of a Swiss father and a Lebanese mother, was born in 1967 in Karachi, Pakistan. He is a caricaturist and a comic-strip reporter. He began to work for Swiss newspapers before moving to New York where he stayed for a few years. He worked for New York Times and Newsweek.

He currently lives in Geneva and Los Angeles.

He draws for the front page of Geneva daily newspaper Le Temps, Neue Zücher Zeitung and Yahoo ! France. He is also published in international newspapers.

Chappatte do reports made of cartoons, notably about the Ivory Coast rebels, Gaza and in the Elysée corridors.

In 2012, he becomes the first non-American person receiving the Thomas Nast Award given by the Overseas Press Club of America. He co-founded with Plantu the Swiss Foundation Cartooning for Peace which awards every two year an international prize to a brave cartoonist.


CÔTÉ (Canada)

André-Philippe Côté is a Canadian scenarist and cartoonist. He was born in Quebec City in 1955 and started to get known thanks to his comics.

He firstly became interested in science-fiction and graphic research before publishing in the 1990s six albums of his comic books Baptiste le clochard, depicting a philosophical protagonist, and two innovative comics entitled Castello and Victor et Rivière. In the 2000s, he released three albums with his character Dr Smog, a strange psychiatrist.

Côté has been for a long time an illustrator for the humorous magazine Safarir and the daily newspaper of Quebec City Le Soleil for which he has also worked as an editorial cartoonist since 1997. Since this year, an annual collection of his best cartoons is published every year (De tous les Côté, Ed. La Presse) and Côté’s cartoons were displayed in three major exhibitions.

His caricatures are also often reproduced in Courrier International and Le Monde.


CRISTINA (Portugal)

Cristina Sampaio lives in Lisbon where she has been working since 1986 as an illustrator and press cartoonist for several national and international magazines and newspapers such as Expresso, Kleine Zeitung, Courrier International, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

She has also worked in animation, multimedia, scenography and published several children’s books.

Her work has been presented in various group and solo exhibitions in Portugal and around the world.

In 2002, 2005 and 2009 she received the Award of Excellence from the Society for News Design (USA). In 2006 and 2010, she was awarded the Stuart Prize for the best Portuguese press cartoon. In 2007, she also received the first prize in the editorial category of the World Press Cartoon and the honourable mention in 2009 and 2015.

Currently she collaborates regularly with Público (Portugal), with Alternatives Economiques and Courrier International (France) and with the television channel RTP3 (Portugal).


DARÍO (Mexico)

Darío Castillejos was born in Oaxaca City in Mexico in 1974. He draws cartoons for the newspaper El imparcial de Oaxaca, for the weekly El Chamuco and for the magazines Courrier International and Foreign Affairs Latinoamerica. He also collaborates with agencies such as, CartonClub and Cartoon Movement. Currently, he is the president of CartonClub, the Latin-American cartoon club.

He received the Benito Journalism and Information Award (Oaxaca) in 1997, 1999 and 2005. He also won twice the prestigious Journalism National Award from the Citizen Council of Mexico, along with the Journalism National Award from the Mexican Journalists club in 2013.

In 2011, he was awarded the Grand Award and the First Prize of the 38th International Humour Meeting in Piracicaba in Brasil. He also received an honor mention at the World Press Cartoon 2007 Sintra in Portugal, and at the Greekartoon 2006 in Greece.

In 2009, he was part of the project “Cartooning for Reconciliation”, organized by Parent’s Circle Forum, in order to promote peace between Israel and Palestine.


HADERER (Austria)

Having studied in a school of applied arts and advertising, Gerhard Haderer worked for advertising agencies and as an illustrator. In 1985, tired of his activities, he turned to political cartoons. His cartoons are published in the Austrian magazine Profil and in the German weekly magazine Stern. In 2002, the release of his album Life of Jesus created a storm of controversy by staging a somewhat atypical Jesus. The Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna even asked Gerhard to apologise to Christians.


HERRMANN (Switzerland)

Gerald Herrmann was born in 1958. He graduated in humanities before learning editorial cartoon. He began his career as a cartoonist in 1987 at Courrier de Genève before working for Libertés (Fribourg), L’Hebdo and Sonntagszeitung. Herrmann currently draws in the Tribune de Genève’s columns. He is also the author of five sketchbooks.


JOEP BERTRAMS (The Netherlands)

Joep Bertrams (born in 1946) is a Dutch cartoonist. After being for the past twenty years a caricaturist at the daily newspaper of Amsterdam Het Parool, he joined the weekly newspaper De Groene Amsterdammer in 2011.

Meanwhile, his editorial cartoons have been published in several newspapers abroad.

He also creates animated cartoons for the Dutch television show “Nieuwsuur”.


KAK (France)

It is thanks to the press drawing competition launched in the summer of 2013 by the daily newspaper l’Opinion that Kak joined the editorial staff. Since then, he has been illustrating the front page every day and has been sticking his spikes in the four cardinal points of French and international politics.

His hobbies: comics, cartoons and cinema (a sector where he worked for 20 years). He thus takes a malicious pleasure in portraying our rulers as characters from Disney, Pixar, Uderzo, Franquin, Hergé and other drawing geniuses. And he always does it with a lot of application in his line, faithful to a thought gleaned from Nietzsche: “Man’s maturity is to have found the seriousness that we had at play when we were children.”

Kak is president of the Cartooning for Peace.



Vladimir Kazanevsky was born in 1950 in Ukraine. He graduated from Kharkov State University majoring “Cosmic radiophysics” in 1973 and Kiev Institute of Journalism Skill in 1984. His cartoons have been published in many newspapers and magazines in the world. He won more than 500 prizes in 53 countries trough international cartoon contests.

Kazanevsky is also the author of many books such as Heads, Revelation of Elderly Cupid or Art of Modern Cartoon for instance. The most recent one is Soft Knees (2018).

His cartoons have published in many newspapers and magazines in the world (for instance, Yomiuri Shimbun (Japan), Nebelspalter (Swiss), Eulenspiegel (Germany), Courrier international (France) and many others.


KICHKA (Israel)

Michel Kichka is one of the most famous Israeli caricaturists. He was born in 1954 in Belgium.

He drops his studies in architecture in Belgium to settle in Israel where he studies graphics from 1974 to 1978. Since then, he has worked as an illustrator, a comic book artist and a cartoonist. He works as an editorial cartoonist for Israeli TV channels (Channel 2, Channel 1, i24news) and French TV (TV5Monde) and he draws frequently for Courrier International and Regards (Belgium). He has been also a teacher at the Beaux-Arts of Jerusalem since 1982.

He is the former president of the Association of Israeli cartoonists and he worked as a scientific adviser for the Israeli comic books and caricatures Museum which organized a retrospective on Kichka’s work. He was awarded the Israeli Prize « Dosh Cartoonist Award » in 2008 and the French government has made him a Knight of Arts and Letters in 2011.

He released Second generation – What I didn’t tell my father (Dargaud), a comic about his relations with his father who was a concentration-camp survivor.


LARS REFN (Denmark)

Lars Refn is an editorial Danish cartoonist who was born in Valby, a suburb of Copenhagen. In 1980, he graduated from the Skolen for Brugskunst, the School of Arts and Crafts of Copenhagen.

Lars Refn is a prolific caricaturist, fond of political satire, who has led his career as a cartoonist since 1980 and has worked for numerous newspapers, magazines and digital media. He is very interested by the relations between humans and technologies.

Lars Refn is also the chief editor of the satirical website and works for the magazine SPOT. From 2013 to 2019, he has been the President of Danske Bladtegnere, the Danish editorial cartoonists federation.

He currently works for Zebra Pressebureau, a press agency based in Copenhagen.



Marco De Angelis is an Italian professional journalist, editorial cartoonist, illustrator of many children’s books and graphic designer. He was born in Rome in 1955 and published on 200 newspapers in Italy and abroad from 1975: for many years he was also journalist and cartoonist for the dailies La Repubblica, Il Popolo and Il Messaggero.

He is editor in chief of the magazine online Buduàr. CartoonArts International and The New York Times Syndicate distributed his works worldwide. He is also part of Cartoon Movement and collaborated with a great number of publishers, associations, companies and televisions.

He received the Golden Palm in Bordighera in 1997, two first prizes Council of Europe in 1978 and 1990, the first prize in Istanbul in 1987 and 2016, and about other 130 awards.



Alfredo Martirena Hernandez was born in 1965 in Santa Clara, in Cuba. In 1984 he began to work in the humorous weekly publication Melaito. In 1986, he won the great prize of the competition « 25 años de humor en Palente » (25 Years of Humor in Palente). In 1987, he published his first personal book, From ear to ear. He also participated in 10 collective books, such as the book published in Italy Fumetty a Cuba that picked up the work of 20 contemporary Cuban cartoonists.

Since he began to work as a cartoonist he has collaborated with different national publications: Juventud Rebelde newspaper, Bohemian magazine; weekly publication Palante, Tribuna de la Habana, Alma mater, Habanera, among others.  He also has been working with international publications such as the Diariomonitor and Chocarreros from Mexico; El Jueves,, El Batracio Amarillo and Periódico Diagonal from Spain; the Nuevo Diario from Nicaragua, and Witty World from the USA.

In 2000, he exposed 40 of his cartoons in Switzerland, invited by the gallery Impuls.

He also published the book Humor in vitro, with the Spanish editorial El Batracio, and he illustrated books for children such as Hola caracola and El Pulpo ataulfo.


MIX & REMIX (Switzerland)

Philippe Becquelin, alias Mix & Remix, began his career in comics then in editorial cartoons in 1984, where he graduated from the School of Art in Lausanne.

He joined Matin Dimanche in March 2013, after publishing during years in L’Hebdo (Switzerland).

In addition, his cartoons were regularly published in Courrier International and Internazionale (Italy). Mix & Remix also worked for the programme Infrarouge on Radio television suisse.

In 2005, his cartoons were exhibited at the Festival d’Angoulême.

He passed away from cancer on December 19th, 2016.



Osama Hajjaj is a Jordanian cartoonist, born in 1973. He works for the Jordanian daily newspaper Alquds. He is well-known in his country and in the Arab world and he also works with European and International websites such as CagleCartoons and CartoonMovement. He is a member of the Association of Jordanian cartoonists.

In the past, he worked for the newspapers Al Mar’a, Al Belad, Al Dustour, Al Ittihad of Abu Dhabi newspapers, and Al Rray, and also for the “Ala Al Hawa Sawa Program” on Jordan TV between 1999 and 2001.

He also participated in different events: a workshop with other cartoonists in 2004 in Egypt, the Annecy animation festival in 2006 in France, the Cartoons Festival in 2008 in Algeria and exhibition such as the exhibition at the Aqaba cartoon gallery in 2011 in Jordan.


PEDRO X. MOLINA (Nicaragua)

Pedro x. Molina is a cartoonist and illustrator from Nicaragua with more than 20 years of experience working for media in Nicaragua and worldwide. His cartoons, caricatures, editorial illustrations, comics have been printed or published online in many major publications such as Politico, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Courrier International… And his work is currently published on a daily basis in He also contributed to various books published in the Gallimard/Cartooning for Peace collection and was recently awarded the 2018 Excellence in Journalism award (cartoon category) by the Inter American Press Association. He is a 2019 recipient of the Maria Moors Cabot Prize, received the 2019 Courage in Editorial Cartoon Award from Cartoonists Rights Network International.


PLOP & KANKR (France)

Plop & KanKr is a schizophrenic entity from the Palau region composed of two personalities: Plop, alias Julie Besombes, and KanKr, alias Simon Baert. One in drawing and the other in writing.

With news, absurdity or stupidity, they scribble on everything, on nothing and on the rest, crunching the news on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter…

They have contributed to various newspapers (Siné Mensuel, La Galipote, L’Anjou Laïque, Le Sans-Culotte 85, Le Nouveau Jour D, l’Illphabète, Même Pas Peur…) and published collections of their cartoons: Pluies diluviennes! in December 2015, Salemèche Go! in December 2016, Ceux qui ne sont rien! in December 2017, Qu’ils viennent me chercher! in December 2018 and En terre! in December 2019.


POV (Madagascar)

William Rasoanaivo known as “Pov” is Malagasy, but studied journalism in Berlin. He started drawing press cartoons in 1997 in Madagascar, in the daily Midi Madagasikara, where he remains a journalist to this day in charge of editorial cartoons for the Culture and Society columns. Since 2006, he has also produced the editorial cartoons for two Mauritian newspapers: the daily L’Express and the weekly L’Express Dimanche. Pov has already received several awards including the RWB Prize – Reporters Without Borders (France) press cartoon category in 2003 and the Prix francophone de la liberté de la presse in 2010.


RIBER (Sweden)

Riber is a Swedish artist, cartoonist and illustrator. His work is published in Swedish newspapers including Sydsvenskan and Svenska Dagbladetand in international newspapers like Le Monde, Los Angeles Times and Courrier International.

In addition to numerous awards for his illustrations and cartoons, Riber also won two very prestigious awards : the Grand Prix of the World Press Cartoon 2007 and the Grand Prix of Europe Press Cartoon 2009. His work is exhibited in museums in Sweden, the United States, France and Italy. He recently published his fourth compilation of cartoons.


TJEERD ROYAARDS (The Netherlands)

Tjeerd Royaards is an award-winning Dutch editorial cartoonist living in Amsterdam. His work has been published by CNN , The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, Courrier international, Ouest-France, Internazoniale and Politico Europe. Tjeerd is Editor-in-Chief of Cartoon Movement, a global platform for editorial cartoons and comics journalism. He is also on the Board of Advisors of Cartoonists Rights Network International.


WILCOX (Australia)

Cathy Wilcox was born in Sydney in Australia in 1963. She studied graphic arts at the Sydney College of the Arts from 1981 to 1984.

She lived in Paris from 1985 to 1987 where she worked as an illustrator and graphic designer for Anglophone magazines such as Paris Passion and Speakeasy (Fernand Nathan Editors). She also studied literature at the University Paris III.

In Sydney, she regularly draws socio-political cartoons for the daily Sydney Morning Herald and she makes other publications with the Fairfax Media editor. She also makes illustration for children’s books.

She published two collections of cartoons and received several prizes such as the National Museum of Australia Prize for political cartoons in 2009 and two Walkley Awards (National Journalism Prize) in 2007 and 2013.

In May 2016, she made a speech at the TEDX Sydney 2016 about offence.


Throughout this 9th World Forum for Democracy devoted to the environment, Cartooning for Peace illustrates the online campaign "12 months, 1 question" with a cartoon on the theme of the month.

Discover them throughout the year!

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Sandro Weltin_2-min.jpg

The cartoonists of Cartooning for Peace, invited to the World Democracy Forum in Strasbourg in 2019. © Sandro Weltin - Council of Europe


The association Cartooning for Peace was created in 2006 at the initiative of Kofi Annan, Nobel Peace Prize and former General Secretary of the United Nations, and press cartoonist Plantu.

 Cartooning for Peace is an international network of cartoonists committed to the promotion of freedom of expression, Human Rights and mutual respect among people upholding different cultures and believes, using the universal language of press cartoons.


Today chaired by the French cartoonist Kak, the 1901 law association is recognized as an association of general interest.


Plantu & Kofi Annan




The educational exhibition

"Draw me the ecology"


The exhibition

"Ça chauffe pour la planète !"
("It’s getting warmer for the planet!")

currently visible at EDF Bazacle Complex,

of Toulouse (France)

CFP_Ca _chauffe_000_Couv.jpg

The book "Ça chauffe pour la planète !",

published by Gallimard